Finding the Strength to Get Out

Just a reminder of how cathartic photography can actually be…

Broken Light: A Photography Collective

Photo taken by Serena Pirredda from Genova, Italy. She has suffered for many years with depression, and symptoms of borderline personally disorder.

About this photo: Too often I felt out of place. There was always something wrong with me, with the way I looked and the way I behaved. I always felt like everybody was better than me. It’s still hard to explain, I was confused and I kept blaming myself for all the misfortunes of my life, I was feeling the weight of the world on my shoulders. I used to lock myself in my room spending whole days in the dark crying and commiserating me. I was anorexic, out of energy, I didn’t feel like going out with friends and I barely talked to them. I was alone. Well, that’s what I thought. My family and my closest friends helped me everyday to make it through, they taught…

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