Do you…

Watermark or sign your work?

I came across this article earlier:

Watermarking Your Web Images. Is It Worth It?.

I’m very interested to know how you guys feel about watermarking?

Do you watermark your work? Why or why not?
If so, which app(s) do you use to watermark your images?


21 thoughts on “Do you…

  1. Don’t watermark. Thought about it. But if someone wants to print it out for their room. thats ok. If i see it appearing on dinnerware I’d be pissed. We’re all way to concerned about this shit.

  2. I do watermark the images that are on my site. I put a signature using Photoshop but the images I upload ate sized for the web so even if they’re downloaded you can’t really print it in a usable size. The images for sale in my gallery ate not watermarked because I think that distracts from the image but my gallery is protected so you can’t download or copy the image.

  3. I just grabbed iwatermark it is for all platforms and its really cool it allows you to use an image, or text and allows you to save the watermark you make to re-use it forever.. really cool stuff! Glad I saw this post or my butt would have never thought of a phone watermarker. 🙂

  4. No, but I put my name on the photo. I find watermarks annoying (I used to do things like that when I was a professional web developer/graphic artist) and if someone is skilled enough they can get around it in various ways. Also, I’m not selling these photos. The reality is that they don’t have enough DPI to be marketable (can’t be blown up) but I’m having a whale of a good time with the iPhone 4S.

    By the way, I’m happy you found me! Now I’m following you! iPhone users unite!

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