Coming out of the Dark

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Broken Light: A Photography Collective

Photo taken by Alice  from England, who suffers from cyclothymia. More about her here.

About this photo: One of the reasons I took up photography was to avoid having my own picture taken. I’d shun any efforts to drag me into the spotlight, and I have no interest in drawing attention to myself. Being behind the camera is not only a way to calm the volcanic mind, but also a way to hide from the public arena. Similarly I’ve used my own blog Alice through the Macro Lens as a hideaway…somewhere to which I can retreat and be anyone I want to be, and until now, I’ve been “Alice,” keeper of the self-imposed bug-a-day challenge and occasional mouth piece for the noises in my head.

I have long retreated to the shadows, because I have been told, and I have grown to believe, that the real me is not…

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