To be or not to be a polite photographer who follows the rules…


One of the things I was the most excited about with travelling to the Big Apple was that I would get to try a little street photography. Not that I can’t do that in Edmonton, but…just never have…and a big city can sometimes be a small world…and a BIGGER city is more interesting…and it is very unlikely you will see someone you know…

Also, New York City has a very definite identity…I am sure Edmonton does too…but I either do not know exactly what that is yet or I don’t like the things that make it so… cold…big trucks with flames on the side…

But that is a whole other post.

I understand being a photographer involves taking risks. Like I once trespassed on a farmer’s field…and that time I stood on an ice covered 6ft tall electrical box to get a good view…or that time I got REALLY close…

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