Day 96: Zombies, Run!

Love this!!!

Dave Betts

I’m a pretty serious Apple geek. There’s just something about the external simplicity and internal intricacy of their products that I find fascinating; not to mention that they are increasingly helpful in every day life. My most recent ‘app’ purchase was certainly interesting enough to warrant its own blog post.

Zombies, Run!

Less than satisfied with my fitness, I’ve used multiple running apps over the last year. They are brilliant – not only do they track your time but also your route. It’s incredibly clever…but even with this clever technology, I still found running boring. Last night I downloaded an app called ‘Zombies, Run!’, a running/game combination that that places you into the centre of a zombie apocalypse. Having chosen your music, you run around your neighbourhood whilst listening our for fictional radio broadcasts that tell you where the zombies are and what you need to collect for the last…

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2 thoughts on “Day 96: Zombies, Run!

    • It sounds sooo awesome! I think this might help motivate me to exercise consistently since I love zombies. I love that it’s an on going story, so you almost HAVE to run to find out what happens next… Zombies, Run! is a really clever concept, however the pricing is a little steep @ $7.99.

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