Photo A Day 365

I’ve seen many people doing the 365 thing and I’ve finally decided to challenge myself as well… This announcement is obviously a little late as I’m already on day 3 of 365, but weekends are always so hectic for me…

I’m curious to hear from those of you who are currently doing your own 365 or have done so in the past…

What “rules”, if any, are you challenging yourself to stick to?

Do you require the images be shot, edited & posted the day of? Why or why not?

What tips, if any, would you give to someone first starting out or contemplating starting their own 365?

What, if anything, do you find you struggle with the most? Motivation? Consistency? Inspiration?

I’d also like to hear from those of you who decided against doing it…

Feel free to contribute any thing you feel relevant, I look forward to hearing from you!

34 thoughts on “Photo A Day 365

  1. I tried a 365 a while back, but couldnt keep up. I ended up taking some time off and came back and did a 50/50/50 which I found less daunting. When i first started a 365, i WAS trying to do a pic each day taken and uploaded. But soon realized that unless photography was my full time job, then it is almost impossible, for me anyway. Too much life gets in the way of it.
    I think next time I will be less hard on myself over minor details.
    Good luck to you though!

    • Thanks for commenting, Rick. I think not being too hard on yourself has been the popular consensus among both those who have & have not been successful in their attempts at a 365. I think having that mind set has definitely made it less stressful and way more enjoyable for me.

  2. I wanted to to do a 365 project, but knew that I wouldn’t be able to take a photo a day and post it the same day. Although with camera phones, that should be no problem, but I didn’t want to just take any picture and post. I compromised and am working on a 365 theme instead, and I chose trees as my first subject. So there’s not much pressure in trying to post everyday. There’s enough of life to pressure us everyday, I figure that taking pictures and posting should be a fun thing.

  3. I’ve been doing it month by month, and near the end of every month I have to challenge myself to keep doing it. My biggest struggle isn’t motivation, it’s trying to still snap “good” pics or “good” subject matter. I had to let some of that anxiety go as I continued, I simply tried to embrace that these themes ARE my world and that is what I’m sharing, right? I like the thrill of waiting to grab the pic of the day, hoping that just the right thing will come within my view, or days where I can tie it into a post somehow, even if it much later I still like that for me the pics often spark a memory or new story as well. I love your stuff, keep sharing.

  4. I didn’t set out to do that at iPhonePhotoMaven but it has been the net effect. I’ve missed a couple of days when I had no connectivity, but I try not to sweat the small stuff. I simply take photos, mostly every day. All are taken on the iPhone with a couple of exceptions. I do bank some photos.

  5. Doing a 365 project is exciting! I have tried to do one the last two years and not been able to manage consistency. Its sometimes difficult to post a photo on the same day if you shoot 20 – 100, then edit and decide which is the best within the same 24 hour period. Its up to you and your level of comfort and curation to decide if you shoot and share the same day, the subject matter and what you want to get out doing the exercise. Its also more fun and motivating if you join a group either on Flickr or Google+. Between mobile and DSLR photography, I found it easier to manage more posts when it was mobile because I didn’t have to be at my computer to edit.

    Play with ideas, give yourself a theme for the day or week, choose a certain camera or mobile camera app to shoot with for the day/week. The best is not to overthink and just flow with your creativity.

  6. hey, great to see you are going for a 365… i look forward to following your photographic diary for the next year! loads to say about this, but its late and i need to be up in about six hours, will jot down a few thoughts on this soon…


  7. I tried to do the Hipstamatic 365 on Flickr a little over a year ago… Definitely a challenge — so much so that I didn’t last. Finding the time to do the project was the challenge for me since I work full-time… I think that doing a 365 project is great because it definitely makes one really see (and not just look) at one’s surroundings, possibly making one appreciate even the mundane… Anyway, I have no advice but I do commend your efforts though, so good luck and have fun with it!

    • I totally agree with you, it’s been extremely difficult already! It so difficult to find something worthwhile after work in all day and it definitely makes you look @ your every day surroundings in a different way… Or try to anyway.
      It’s hard not to look at it as homework, which of course, takes the fun out of every thing…
      I appreciate your sharing & I enjoy your work! =)

  8. I normally upload the photo on the day that it is shot, unless (being disabled) I am in too much to go out or move around my apartment much. In which case I will choose a picture that never made it to a recent day’s photos. I started on 1st January, and have only had to use back ups a few times.

    By doing this, it makes me see things that I don’t normally see or take for granted. I use a Nikon D3000 with 18-55, 55-200 lenses as well as an array of filters that I have recently brought. I normally take 40-150 photos a day and choose my favourite, although sometimes that is difficult.

    Good luck, and I look forward to seeing your photos. I would advise though. using a copyright blurb (I have one on my page that can be edited if you decide to take it) and put your name on the photos.

    • Thank you so much for visiting, following and the good advice. I’ve really remained undecided on whether to watermark/sign my images thus far and as far as the copyright blurb goes, you’re absolutely correct. I will definitely use yours as a template, if you don’t mind =)
      I enjoy your work & value your input!

  9. I’ve been doing a photo/day (often several images for that date) since January 1
    ( Many weekends, I’m away from my computer so I’m not able to post the images I take on those days until the following Monday. Still, each day’s entries consist of photos taken during that particular 24-hour time period. So far, I’ve managed to take and post at least one photo for each day of the year, though sometimes, it’s gotten uncomfortably close to midnight without having made any pictures. (At the opposite end, I’ve been known to start taking pictures at 2:00 am.)

    In the beginning, it was very exciting, stimulating, and fun to do this daily exercise and see things in a way I hadn’t before. I live in a small town that doesn’t have the rich subject matter that a large city does, and I’m often in my house for the entire day. So lots of my images, out of necessity, are of mundane, household objects revisioned.

    After four decades as a professional photographer I shoot with a low-end consumer level camera which does a pretty good job considering its limitations. I’ll crop and fine tune colors, contrast, sharpness, etc. in Photoshop but that’s about it — no heavy-duty manipulation or use of effects.

    With five months behind me, I’m surprised at how time consuming it becomes when I have lots of images to post. In that case, it would be much easier to use only one, and save the others for successive days when I wouldn’t have to do any fresh photography. Hard as the discipline is, though, I prefer to keep at it. Writing something “clever and informative” to go with the photos — as podnumber 2 does –would definitely put me over the edge.

    The big danger I see is falling back on the tried-and-true, or — to put it another way — taking the easy way out with subject matter I know will work. Staying fresh is certainly a challenge after a while. Once the year is up, I’m sure I’ll be happy to quit 🙂

    That’s been my experience and I wish you good luck. So far, I’ve been very impressed with your images. (Can’t help but notice a shared aesthetic on occasion.) Will be checking in to see your work on a regular basis. And thanks for following mine.

    • I really appreciate your post. Do you think that this is a good exercise for an amateur or hobbyist? I know that it is going to be a struggle but what I want most from it is to learn, improve and/or acquire the skills that I’m currently lacking.
      I’m also curious about the shared aesthetic you’ve noticed and whether it a good or a bad thing?

      • I think it’s a wonderful exercise for either an amateur or a pro as long as one isn’t too hard on oneself and doesn’t get burned out in the process. As for a shared aesthetic, it’s almost inevitable between one artist and another given that no work is 100% original. One good thing about it is that it helps us to appreciate the work of a like-minded spirit. Consciously copying another’s style though, as opposed to arriving at it independently, would not be so nice unless it was for learning purposes.

        I’d also be nervous about responding to every comment. For me, that would become as time-consuming as taking and posting images — something I don’t have time for no matter how gracious and valuable it can be.

        Two other things to note: (1) now, when I have to wait somewhere, I’m OK with it because I can use the delay for taking pictures — a totally unexpected benefit of doing a photo a day; and (2) it used to be that beautiful photography could only be seen in museums and galleries, and magazines and books, but now it’s available all over the web in staggering amounts, thanks in part to photo bloggers like those I’ve found here. It is truly awe-inspiring and makes me work harder.

  10. I’m not always able to post my pictures the same day, so I don’t beat myself up about that. My advice would be to bring your camera with your everywhere you go…you never know when a good photo op will present itself! Best of luck to you!!

  11. I also try to take and post the photo on the same day, like podnumber2, it doesn’t always work out that way! especially lately, I’m closing on a new condo next week and have been crazy busy these last two weeks organizing, packing etc. but I’ve only missed 2 days I think so all in all doing pretty good! Hoping once the moving is done, to get out of my comfort zone! I also take all the photos for 365 using my iPhone, although I will edit sing iPhone/iPad.

    Good Luck with your project, I look forward to your photos!,

    • That’s awesome! Sticking to this challenge definitely seems as if it’s going to force me out of my comfort zone, whether I like it or not LOL! I can’t imagine how you’ve managed to only miss two when I almost forgot today & I’m only on day 3 =D

  12. Yesterday I posted my 100th photo of the day, and I can’t quite believe it. I didnt go into it thinking I would continue for a whole year, but I have since decided to commit to that. I try to post a photo taken same day, but that doesn’t always happen. I also try to write something clever or informative, but that doesn’t always happen either. I do only take and edit pics on my iPhone, and I try not to worry about what someone else might think- if I like it, then there it is! I do sometimes struggle with being bored by my own surroundings, so I try to think outside the box (and get off the beach, where I’m tempted to take a lot of shots).My kids and dog are a big help. Take it one day -and photo- at a time. You can do it!

    • I definitely like the “take it one photo a day” approach, I’m sure it makes it a lot easier to keep up if I don’t complicate it with lots of “rules” or restrictions.
      Thanks for sharing =D

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