Behind Closed Doors (Photo A Day 19/365)

Via Flickr:
Native 4s, edited in PhotoToaster.


2 thoughts on “Behind Closed Doors (Photo A Day 19/365)

  1. Great photo. I have included a little poem here (originally with a different name that I changed to yours) that I think goes very well with your photo and your love of horror 🙂

    Mean ole Mala threw me here, far, far away
    Said I was a spooky clown and here I had to stay
    I wore a doll frown cuz she wouldn’t be my friend
    Until I realized suddenly I didn’t need to pretend
    Silly Mala thinks that I can’t crawl from this dark place
    Confident her longer legs would beat me in a race
    But I don’t need to run or chase her pretty little head
    Cuz I just crawled out the closet and went under her bed
    Come now sleepy Mala, let’s get you off to your dreams
    And when I drag you in that closet we’ll see who really screams

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