Night Shot HDR free for a limited time

Via Flickr:
Regularly $.99.

I’ve never used this app, but it sounds promising & seems to have gotten great reviews thus far… Free also helps

4 thoughts on “Night Shot HDR free for a limited time

  1. While blocking my 13 year old nephew’s phone the other day (he’s a complete sod and was even in court for assault) I took your advice and had a chat with the woman on the other end of the phone about price changes for the iPhone over the next couple of months, telling her what you had said, and she agreed with you that waiting is better. She had made the mistake of not waiting and ended up paying the price that people were paying two months later for the new one.

    • Exactly, chances are that the new iPhone may have an even better camera also. I made the same mistake & got the 4 a few months before the 4s came out & ended up signing my soul to the Devil for a 4s.

      • I had a chat a couple of days after. I phoned up and asked if they had any idea on the prices of the new 5’s that were coming out, and the woman I spoke to said that the prices for 24 months will be in excess of £41pm with the handset costing over £150. She offered me the rate that was going to be offered on the 4s when the 5 comes out plus gave me some extras 😀 It’s great when you phone up and start having a laugh with them, you can get things that aren’t normally available.

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