Composition Techniques – Framing

Composition Techniques – Framing by Photography Improvement

Photography Improvement

Thoughts on Framing

As a Composition Technique


Lots of example images

Maybe a few will give you some ideas


Here are some thoughts on the use of framing as a composition technique. (Click on images to enlarge.)

12mm lens about 8 inches from Darling’s (her name) nose

1. Framing provides several benefits including:

  • Provide a sense of time and place. In the examples of part 1, we immediately know that it’s spring. This, in turn, may trigger viewer emotions and memories of spring in another time and place.
  • Photographs are 2-dimensional. As photographers one of our biggest challenges is to add depth to our images. A frame in the foreground is an immediate sign to the viewer’s brain that the scene, in reality, has depth.
  • Add a foreground element of interest.
  • Focus the viewer’s eye on the subject


2.The frame can be anything

  • Natural

  • Placed…

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