Red Dragonfly

Red Dragonfly by damn_que_mala
Red Dragonfly, a photo by damn_que_mala on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Taken with a Nikon D3200.

Worker Bees

Worker Bees by damn_que_mala
Worker Bees, a photo by damn_que_mala on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Native 4s cam, no filters or edits.

Sammy the Snail

Sammy the SnailImperfection

Sammy the Snail, a set on Flickr.

This is Sammy, he’s the snail who lives on the lid of my garbage can outside…

Stop n Shop Macros

Camera Roll-1730OrchidCamera Roll-1719Camera Roll-1718Camera Roll-1717Camera Roll-1715
Camera Roll-1714Camera Roll-1713

Stop n Shop Macros, a set on Flickr.

If you’re a beginner having as much difficulties with macro shots as I am, it might and prefer your gratification instant (like me), then consider going to your local supermarket, flower shop, nursery, garden center,Walmart, etc to work on your macros with less wind &/or bee interference…

You’ll also have a bigger variety of subjects to choose from!

The only thing you may have to contend with are curious shoppers!!

5/19/12 Weekend Macros

Camera Roll-2526Camera Roll-2510Camera Roll-2455Camera Roll-2456Camera Roll-2457Camera Roll-2458
Camera Roll-2460Camera Roll-2470Camera Roll-2471Camera Roll-2472Camera Roll-2489Camera Roll-2454
Camera Roll-2453Camera Roll-2443Camera Roll-2442Camera Roll-2437Camera Roll-2436Camera Roll-2408
Camera Roll-2494Camera Roll-2493Camera Roll-2492

5/19/12 Weekend Macros, a set on Flickr.