Photo A Day 40/365

Photo A Day 40/365 by damn_que_mala
Photo A Day 40/365, a photo by damn_que_mala on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Native 4s cam. Edited in Dramatic B&W.

I know, I know… I skipped yesterday.
Shame on me.

Urbex Lunch Hour (Photo A Day 11/365)

Via Flickr:
Native 4s cam, edited with Camera+.

This is part of a set, but I chose it as my photo of the day because it was the first in a day filled with awesome images…

Photo A Day 3/365

Turns out it’s already a challenge, I may have to schedule a reoccurring appointment to make sure I don’t forget to take a picture. To be honest, I find staging shots sort of difficult and I don’t really like it…
I do, however, LOVE pinhole!! So, although this was a bit awkward being that today’s photo a day image was staged, I love it because it reminded me of how much I love pinhole and how much I have been neglecting it.

Photo A Day 3/365 by damn_que_mala
Photo A Day 3/365, a photo by damn_que_mala on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Native 4s cam, edited in Camera+.

Photo A Day 365

I’ve seen many people doing the 365 thing and I’ve finally decided to challenge myself as well… This announcement is obviously a little late as I’m already on day 3 of 365, but weekends are always so hectic for me…

I’m curious to hear from those of you who are currently doing your own 365 or have done so in the past…

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Melancholy 2/365

Out of all the pictures I took today, I love this picture the absolute most. This little girl had such a melancholy air to her and the way she carried herself, it made me put down my frappucino  AND my magazine and pick up my iPhone.
Native 4s cam, edited in Camera+, TouchReTouch, Dramatic B&W and Dynamic Light.