Pixlromatic Plus is Free!!!!!

Fx Cartoon Camera App


Free In the App Store (today only)

Lo-mob is free in the app store (normally $1.99) today only!I’ve never used it myself, but i’ve heard good things…Hurry up & go get it!!!

Flickstackr is also free (normally &1.99) today only!! Flickstackr I do have & it is the best way to manage your Flickr account from your phone. Get on that one ASAP!!

Photography Apps (Free for a limited time)

The following apps are currently free in the app store @ the time of this post:Hidden Camera Pro (regularly $.99)Loom Photomosaic Builder (regularly $.99)

My Sketch (regularly $.99)

I just downloaded them myself so they’ re def free right now… If they aren’t free by the time you read this, then you’re too slow & maybe you should consider subscribing to my blog so this doesn’t happen again =)