(Updated 7/15/12) How do you WordPress?

I know that I do the majority of my “wordpressing” from my phone…

The ability to do everything from my iPhone definitely has contributed to the number of my posts, which is a good thing. Because I sit in front of a computer all day @ work, I can’t bring myself to even open my laptop or sit in front of the computer @ home. However, because I find it incredibly frustrating to type anything more than a few sentences, I definitely type less so my posts/comments/responses aren’t as informative/witty/interesting as they could be… It’s a total catch 22.

Do you “Wordpress” from your phone, ipad, tablet, computer most? I’m interested to know how you all keep up with your blogging?

Also, how many of you have paid WordPress accounts? Is it really worth it? Pro’s & Cons?

Do you blog on multiple platforms (Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr, etc)? If so do you post the same content on all platforms, or do you tailor your content for each platform?

Any tips/suggestions would be greatly appreciated 🙂