Stop n Shop Macros

Camera Roll-1730OrchidCamera Roll-1719Camera Roll-1718Camera Roll-1717Camera Roll-1715
Camera Roll-1714Camera Roll-1713

Stop n Shop Macros, a set on Flickr.

If you’re a beginner having as much difficulties with macro shots as I am, it might and prefer your gratification instant (like me), then consider going to your local supermarket, flower shop, nursery, garden center,Walmart, etc to work on your macros with less wind &/or bee interference…

You’ll also have a bigger variety of subjects to choose from!

The only thing you may have to contend with are curious shoppers!!

Coffee by Beth Lucas @ The Hoboken Historical Museum


A Rose By Any Other Name…

Would still have thorns…

Taken with the native 4s cam, no filters.

Where I’d Rather Be


This was taken @ the Norman J Levy Park & Preserve in Long Island, with the 4s, using the 645 Pro Camera app & the Olloclip wide lens.

Absolutely no filters.