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How to be an iPhoneographer: Learn {to be a photographer}

Combo Apps/Mobile Phone Photography

COMBO APPS: Mobile Extreme Editing


Mobile Phone Photography is run by a guy name Jay Radia. He posts contest, blogs, features and everything about mobile photography. I’ve been featured on his site if you would like to check it out you can click HERE. What I like about his site is that it’s not just about iPhoneography. Let’s face it there are more people with Android Phones than iPhones, because people prefer the larger screens, operating system and the app choices.

The Droid Market doesn’t have the vast amount of photo and editing app like the App Store but it has that potential to grow. A lot of the app developers are starting to do cross platforms, trying to get into the Droid Market so they get more customers and not be tapped out from the App Store. It’s a growing art form for mobile photography. It been mostly seen on Streamzoo…

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