Ribbons in the Sky




Taken with the native 4s cam, edited in Dramatic B&W.

Tips on Street Photography from Eric Kim

If you’re anything like me, you’re fascinated by street photography, but you feel awkward actually trying to take photos of people who you are in such close proximity to, without their knowledge for fear that they may snatch up your precious iPhone and smash it in bits on the sidewalk… Which of course results in maybe 1 or 2 good shots out of 100 because you’re so nervous, you’re inadvertantly screwing up the shots yourself…

Well, I just came across  Continue reading

Photography Apps (Free for a limited time)

The following apps are currently free in the app store @ the time of this post:Hidden Camera Pro (regularly $.99)Loom Photomosaic Builder (regularly $.99)

My Sketch (regularly $.99)

I just downloaded them myself so they’ re def free right now… If they aren’t free by the time you read this, then you’re too slow & maybe you should consider subscribing to my blog so this doesn’t happen again =)